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Kommentare zum Eintrag von zMal
27.05.2016, 05:46
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27.05.2016, 00:12
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26.05.2016, 17:53
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25.05.2016, 17:11
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23.11.2014, 18:22
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23.11.2014, 14:46
Thanks, Lillian. The occasion alayws brings back fond memories, of that time, the friends I made of children and adults alike within the camp (I was a very popular little girl and had many dolls given to me as gifts by fellow immigrants), the fact my mother made the outfit and she was no great shakes as a seamstress and, of course, her funny attempts at taking the pic, which turned out fine, as you can see. Despite the fact I didn't want to wear the outfit, as mentioned in the post, I look on this pic with the fondest of memories and recall the event instantly and accurately. There are many such fond memories of our time in the camp (we left mid-year when I was seven y.o. and went to Melbourne to start our lives anew).Löschen
21.11.2014, 07:59
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18.11.2014, 04:50
rysligt vackert, och det fe5r mig att vilja byta bort ve5rt hus, gensat.mot knarriga golv, vita ve4ggar, stukaturer och hf6gt i tak.Löschen
17.11.2014, 06:14
Hej Ameila!Kan man inte fe5 se lite bilder fre5n er nya le4genhet!?!? Vore se5 spe4nnande att se hur ni har det med tanke pe5 hur fin i ff6rra le4genhet var!Glad somamr!TinaLöschen
Johanna und Janina
17.11.2002, 11:59
Hi Malzi! Danke! Viele liebe Grüße zurück von uns natürlich!!!!! Viel Spaß noch beim Studieren und schwatz net so viel mit deinem Nachbarn, sonst musst du dich in die Ecke stellen! Bis bald! Johanna und Janina Löschen
Johnny Walker
09.11.2002, 17:46
Wenn ich mehr Zeit hätte und mein Rechner ganz wär würde ich auch was machen Löschen
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